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Hi Short time lurker after my purchase of a Second hand forester. I’ve recently bought a 2008 X S3 (AUS) Forester (129,000K’s with regular services completed as per log book) This being my first car with a boxer engine and I’m a little lost as I’m not sure “what normal is”

What I’ve discovered is when I’m accelerating I’ve noticed the engine makes a weird wobble noise when above 55KPH, there’s no shudder to the steering wheel or vibrations as such. It seemed noisier than what I’m used to tonight (over the 7 weeks I’ve had it) whilst driving it when it was a cold night (11 Degrees celcius)

It doesn’t seem matter if it’s up hill or down hill it will sometimes do it regardless. The even bigger annoyance is that it’s not always consistently there.

The car is due for new brakes and calipers as I’ve picked up on steering wheel shudder when braking down hill etc.

It’s running 2 different tyre brands from the front to back.

Thanks guys 😊 any guidance will help me on my first Subaru journey!
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