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2008 - Strut Spacer Lift Options?

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I want to put some strut spacers on a 2008 Forester of about 2 inches, I want to know if anyone knows any brand or site that you guys have used that are sort of cheap but have worked well. Also, after installation of the spacers, what should I do? I heard that it has to be aligned and camber adjusted, would this be necessary ? Let me know and some tips thanks!!
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I did ADF lift. 2" front , 2 3/8" rear to replace the stock self leveling suspension. Great service and he can help you with any questions. VERY RESPONSIVE, highly reccomend.

I ordered Kyb struts with king springs from Rallitek. Expensive but considering I didn't want to have to deal with assembling a strut myself, it was worth knowing it would be solid built by a reputable company.
They send you the complete assembly so that in theory it is just bolt in/bolt out.

I will say after completing this install this weekend it is MUCH more difficult than videos suggest. Getting the strut to line up to the bracket in front required some additional disassembly and I wasn't able to get it in without the inner CV coming out. I didn't realize until afterward that the end links would no longer fit either, and the box stores don't carry longer links for the swaybar, so I'm ordering some adjustable ones which are quite pricey.

215/70/r16 on the stock alloys seems about is big as you can go on tires. I put this size of cooper at3 4s on and they fit just comfortably enough under the spring perch. I think if you go any wider or taller you need different wheels to get the tire out away from the perch.
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