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My 08 is being a jerk with the fobs. I had one that came with the car. The case was cracked. (Case said said made in Japan not mexico). I bought another Japan plastic case and it worked great. I bought 2 more made in Japan Forester 2 button fobs from a dismantler. I could not get them programmed.

Now the original does not work. I did pull the battery for a while while the heads were being machined.

I've tried my Xtool D7 scan tool. It has the ability to write the code printed in the fob to the car. I tried all 3 fobs and that did not work.

I tried the pressing the lock button to the sequence printed in the fob and that did not work either

All 3 have new out of the package batteries, were tested with a volt meter and are oriented in the correct direction.

I'm running out of ideas. What else can I try. Where is RX module? Can I test it or swap it with one from the scrap yard?

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