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2008 XT Sports
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Thanks everyone for the interest. Really sad to let it go. I will miss this car!

Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Vehicle Car

2008 Subaru Forester Sports XT
Color: Silver (steel grey)
Transmission: Factory 5sp Manual
Mileage: 100k miles (99,500)
US vehicle with Odometer in miles
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Well, the time has come to part ways with the best car I ever owned. I’ve been on the fence for a year, and despite all the advice received here, I finally made the decision to sell it to help fund my next vehicle purchase. I bought this FXT from another member on this forum back in 2009 when it only had 13,000 miles on it, and it has been a fantastic 13 years since. Best car I ever owned and 3rd Subaru.
My preference is to sell to another passionate member who would take good care of it, extend its life, and enjoy it for several more years until it's ready for Subaru heaven. The last thing I would want is to hear is that it was wrecked by some kid who got it from his parents as a first car.

Front lip spoiler delete
2.5XT badge delete
Tint-35% Front, 15% Rear and Sunroof
STi hood scoop color matched
Garage XTI hood struts.

Fuji 5MT leather shift knob
Matching aluminum foot rest
Subaru Cargo mat, net
Belt chime off
Weathertech floormats

Protune (Tonik Motorsports)
STi intercooler
Subtle hood splitter
STi VF43
STi catback
Helix catted downpipe
SPT turbo heatshield
Green engine air filter
German Castrol engine oil for all changes
Engine block heater

Kartboy/Tic Supershifter kit
Kartboy chassis bushings

Swift Sport springs (Mann engineering)
Cobb front and rear 25mm sway bar kit
Kartboy front and rear aluminum endlinks
Whiteline rear link tab support
Whiteline steering bushings

2008 Forester STI sports wheels
Summer tires: Continental Extreme Contact 215-55-17 (2019)
Winter rims: Rota G-Force 17in gun metal (include winter tires and rims: +500$)
Winter tires: Nokian haka r3 215-55-17 (2020)

Centric front rotors, generic rear rotors
Hawk HPS front/rear pads
H6 rear rotor/caliper bracket/pad upgrade

Additional Mods:
Fumoto valve
Rear Bumper cover
Rally Armor Mudflaps
Custom 2in hitch (2019) (never towed anything; only used for a bike rack)
3M clearbra (2009)

08 FXT Key Maintenance Items
Koyo Radiator + Samco hoses (2013)
Thermostat Mishimoto (2014)
96k service (timing belt, tensionners, water pump) (2016)
driver side paint (keyed in 2016)
Rear hatch door struts (2016)
Rotors (2017)
New bushings front sway bars (2019)
New top hats (2019)
New brake lines (F+R), driver door trim, fuel door lever (2019)
New downpipe catalytic converter (2019)
New rotors + brake pads (F+R)
Pulley (2020)
Power steering lines (2020)
Paint R fenders (2020)
New fuel lines + fuel door lever (2020)
New clutch (2020)
New oilpan (2020)
New struts F+R (2020)
New Hawk HPS brake pads (2021)
New Moog front ball joints (x2) (2021)
New OEM driveshaft (2021)
New OEM fuel filler neck (2021)
New Alternator (2021)
New OEM front struts (2022)
New AC and alternator belts (2022)
New battery (June 2022)

The Good
Stage 3 modifications = 300hp at the wheels
Second owner, I picked the car up when it was 10 months old.
Very clean, well maintained, and cared for
99,000miles /160,000 km
Adult driver. Driven on a track only 3 times as part of a driving course (BMW school) in 2010.
Never crashed or seriously damaged; feel free to run a vehicle report using the VIN.
All service done per schedule or ahead of schedule, German Castrol every 6 months. I have kept records of all maintenance and I’m happy to provide all the invoices to the buyer.

The bad
Rust starting to form on rockers, wheel well, driver seat, door corners, roof, and near fuel filler area, and elsewhere out of plain sight.
Some scratches all over, some noticeable dents on the rear bumper above the muffler, rest is pretty good considering it's a 14 year old car. It still has original 3M protection on hood, side mirrors and passenger side bottom panels. Driver side was painted so 3M was removed a few years ago (got keyed). Rear wiper motor replaced twice, still needs a good clean every couple of months.
O2 sensor doesn’t work, so likely has to be replaced if you need to pass an emission test.
It’s a 14 year-old car driven year-round in Canada, so despite the proper maintenance, the buyer should expect some rust to develop and stuff to break at any time.

The car is located in Ottawa, Canada, but it is a US car that was imported from NY City in 2009.
The simplest and easiest way to bring the car back in the US is to arrange for a truck carrier/commercial broker that will insure it, pick it up, do the border paperwork, and deliver it right to the buyer’s driveway. This is how I imported the car years ago and it cost me $1.5k back then, so probably ~$2k now. Trust me, it's worth the cost over the hassle of DIY. Some examples: here, here, here, or here.

Obviously, the buyer is responsible for figuring out the requirements to bring the car back to his location and any requirements to get it registered there (e.g. safety or emissions testing, border paperwork, any regulations re: modded vehicles, transportation insurance, etc.).

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2008 XT Sports
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@fujisan Ordinarily I'm a Corvette-level purist when it comes to the FSXT due to their rarity, but your car gets two big thumbs up from me! Very nicely done. Best of luck with the sale.
Thanks! Much appreciated!

The only comparable presentations I have seen are on Bring A Trailer. Had it been a California car, BAT is where it would get the highest price.
Cheers. I've learned so much from folks on this forum; I wanted to list it here first. I may list the car on BaT in a few days...

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2008 XT Sports
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Car still available and just accepted on Bring a Trailer. Will take a couple of days for it to be listed on BaT.

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2008 XT Sports
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Bump! Description removed as per bring a trailer policy, listing should be up within 7 days,

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2008 XT Sports
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Bump! 5 days left on BaT and the current high bid is only $2000 :cry:
Hope someone from here picks it up!

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2008 XT Sports
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@Murrell Thanks! I was about to mark it sold! I was surprised to see how many watchers there were. I was hoping for 10k, but 8.8 is close enough.
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