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2008 Forester Diff Leaking !

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2008 Forester all wheel drive front diff showed no fluid in housing . Looked under car fluid is leaking . Possible solutions or knowledge of this problem . 157 k on the car .
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What part of the front differential is leaking?
Service history?
I won the car in a dealer give away drawing . I was changing the oil and filter and found area in front end steering and all has fluid on it . Checked diff and nothing on dip stick refilled it took about a pint of 75-90W synthetic . I drove the car 35 miles from winning to present location where I am servicing it .
Cannot beat free! I would think the diff takes more than a pint... did you drain any remnants,anything show on drain plug magnet?
May be it is steering may be diff axle seals hard to say till you rag off/ clean up the grime and wait for fresh leaks to appear from the source.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts