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My 2007 Subaru Forester XT sport (2.5L-nat. Asperated) has 155000+ miles on it (Head gasket replaced at 122,000). I was getting gas at Costco and when I started my vehicle, the battery, brake and ABS indicators came on and stayed on. It seemed to run okay but this was worrying. The ABS light would go off when I came to a full stop and kept my foot on the brake pedal but it would come on after I removed my foot from the brake pedal. I thought it was an alternator problem (which the comments to other forum entries seemed to support) and I took it to NAPA to confirm that. Apparently the OBD2 system really can't pinpoint the problem accurately. The NAPA employee brought out a tool that measured the voltage of the system and he had me rev the engine with all systems off and then with all lights and the A/C and Fan on high. It measured a stable voltage of 17+ volts. The good news is that my engine probably wasn't going to die for lack of battery/voltage on my way home, but it could "boil it dry" if I didn't address this problem. The conclusion was "probable voltage regulator failure" and replacement of the alternator was the solution. It only took me about 30 minutes to replace the alternator (good time to clean the battery connections too) and the problem appears solved. ($164 + tx and core at NAPA)
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