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Hello all,

I recently relocated from West Virginia to Seattle, WA by driving across the country in my '07 foz. During the trip it developed a whirring noise near the rear right tire that sounds like a "vwom-vwom-vwom" to me. It increases in frequency with speed and is most noticeable at lower speeds as it blends together with highway noise. The weight of my belongings must have been the culprit and the research I've done is showing that it may be the wheel bearings failing as per this thread: EDIT I'm not able to post a link due to low post count, I'll see if I can in the comments.

I jacked the car up to rotate the wheel but didn't notice any changes in friction or odd noises but then again I'm not sure how the all wheel drive impacts what I should be listening for.

The rear tires are fairly new and the brakes both front and back have been replaced in the past two years.

Any help would be appreciated and if a video with audio of the noise would help a diagnosis I can record one.

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