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Hey everyone, sorry in advance if this post sucks, first timer here and I’m just starting to get interested in working on my own cars. Please bear with me because I don’t know a lot yet!

so let’s start from the beginning. It was time for my brakes to be done so with the help of a friend, we changed my pads, rotors and calipers. Ya know the normal run of the mill brake job (no drums, the rebuild on those is coming). Bled them and after that I had 0 brakes. Got under the car and saw that where the lines come together, by the passenger side drum, was veryyyy rusted and flakey with a small hole on the line actually going to that drum. So I’m assuming the pressure from pumping them was just enough to blow it, since I was driving it fine prior to this. Talk about lucky timing, at least it didn’t happen while driving. So I towed it to another friends house to fix this issue. Since the line to this drum was busted and the other looked like it was getting there we figured we should just do both because who wants to run brake lines twice? We took out the back seat and cut the brake lines right before the gushing, added a fitting to each and ran new lines to each drum. After some bleeding and adjusting, Once we assured there was no leaks I still can’t get these brakes working. I can only kind of stop going 5mph or under. I think it might just be air lock somewhere, so I’m going to get ALOT of brake fluid and I’m borrowing a vacuum bleeder today and going to see if this helps. Any other suggestions of things to try in case this doesn’t work would be much appreciated!

*side note I did bleed them in the correct order.
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