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Hi everybody,

I'm pretty new to the forum and thought I'd share a few pictures of my current project. I've used this site and NASIOC over the past three years to fix, maintain, and upgrade my car so I thought I'd contribute instead of just lurk. It entails installing an Android head unit in the dash pod spot and adding a backup camera. I ran into a couple issue I am currently working through and thought others should be aware of these things. I don;t have super comprehensive photos of this process as I never intended to do a full tutorial but please let me know if you have any questions of want more pictures.

Here are the parts I am currently using:

Here are a few pictures:

Here is the light I replaced. If I were to do it again, I would replace the left side light to get a wider angle of the curb and I'd probably get a different camera. This one was advertised as 170 degree viewing angle but it seems much less than that. It's also not repositionable easily and the bumper is not in view of the camera. The camera looks nice and "OEM" but the picture quality, un-adjustability, and additional hassle of removing the license plate light made this not the most ideal candidate.

I removed the interior paneling which is just a handful of screws and a boatload of clips. This provides access to the absurd amount of nuts that hold that rear fascia strip on. Once that is removed, you have access to the lights. I simple cut the wires leading to the right side light.

The backup camera has a built in license plate light which is powered separately from the camera so I spliced those lighting wires back into the old light power wires, wrapped in in heat shrink and then electrical tape and tucked it all back in.

To run the power and video wires through the hatch, I removed one of the plastic clips holding the trip piece on and ran the wires though. I added some silicone adhesive to the wires and hole to ensure no water got in. The silicone was added from the inside after the trim piece was out back on.

Since the license plate lights are not always on but I wanted the camera powered all the time, I tapped the rear power outlet for camera power. Please excuse the far too thick wires and white being used as ground. I found that the wiring connector for the socket was simply a 6.3mm pitch crimp on connector so I just cut the OEM connector off and crimped on some new connectors with the new camera power wires piggybacking off.

I don't have any photos of this but I was able to run all wires (power, ground, and video) through the rubber boot that runs between the top of the roof and hatch.

Running the video up to the front of the car was much easier than I thought. It was as simple and removing some plastic panels, prying up a bit of carpet and removing the glove compartments. The hardest part is shown in the first picture below. I didn't want to remove the large plastic panel that runs from behind the rear of the seat to the edge of the door frame. Luckily, gravity worked in my favor and I was able to snake the cable down near the rear "step" trim piece.

The front and rear "step" trim pieces were very easy to remove. The front step is also where I tapped into the reverse power wire. I needed to tap the reverse power wire to run back to the head unit. When this is powered, the rear reverse lights are powered and then the head unit knows to flip right into the backup camera view. You can see the yellow and brown reverse power wire separated from the loom.

That is really all the pictures I have of this right now. A challenge I am facing right now is that the head unit is just a bit too wide and tall for the double din dash pod. I am currently in the process of filing and sanding the dash pod down to size. I will get some more pictures of the headunit as soon as I get my car back which is the other obstacle I am facing...

About 2 weeks after I got the camera installed, in an ironic slap to the face, I was rear ended by someone going about 30 :crying:. The car is in the shop now ($4,350!!!!) and I am hoping to get it back sometime this week.

I will try to grab some more photos and write up a bit more as I wrap this project up. Please let me know if you need any specific photos of anything!


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