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Removed the plastic garnish for repainting; two problems-
1. How to remove the Subaru star badge? Think it is glued in place?
2. Had to unscrew the wiper motor support plate to access one bolt; nylon cam wheel & actuating lever fell out!
Don't know how to reassemble with correct alignment. May have to use trial & error?

Any advice will be appreciated

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@jimjfox I see this is your first forum post, so welcome to the forum from Oregon!

The rear badge is attached with double sided trim tape. No experience, but I've read members have used a hair dryer to heat the badge to soften the tape, making the removal possible.

As to the rear wiper motor. You could have reached that bolt without removing the rear wiper assembly. I've done that twice on my son's '03 X, detailed on this write up in our Member Journal. Perhaps the diagram for the '06-'08 below will help with your reinstallation.

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