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2006 Forester XT was 4EAT now 6MT
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Hello All,
I'm having issues with my steering column seating fully into the rubber bushing on the firewall.
To give some background on the current setup, I did a 4EAT to 6MT swap on my '06 FXT.
  • 04STI steering rack and steering linkage
  • FXT subframe spacers removed
  • everything else 04 STI in the driveline.
  • FXT steering column and steering wheel.

All is fine in regard to the 6MT setup except now my steering column is "too short" and does not sit flush into the rubber bushing on the firewall.

When mounting to the dash beam, the steering column is pulled towards the driver and out of the rubber bushing cup on the firewall. I've circled one of the two mounting locations on the steering column.
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This creates a lot of slop around the white plastic and rubber bushing in the firewall.

For illustration, here's a pic (not mine) of the white plastic that sits in the rubber bushing on the firewall.
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I tried replacing the rubber bushing in the firewall with a new one from Subaru and that seems to have made it worse.

This length appears to be too short and I can't install me steering column properly. Has anyone experienced this before?
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Any insight would be appreciated. I'm scratching my head here :|
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