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2006 Forester 5MT
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I just purchased my 2006 Forester X with 5MT and noticed that the shifter is in need of bushings, badly! I cannot tell which gate I'm in or in Neutral, that's how bad they deteriorated. The clutch itself is wonderful.

What bushing kits are recommended? OEM or aftermarket?

I saw that another user did not care for the TiC 5MT linkage for the 5MT joint in his vehicle. TiC just happens to sell a complete bushing kit with Kartboy front and rear stays as well as the other bushings for what I believe is the "linkage #2" from subaru and the shifter. The item in question is the 06 5mt holy shift kit.

Do you all have recommendations for an 06 forester in need of some bushings? Links and advice are appreciated!
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