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2006 - Question on order of exterior detailing?

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Hey guys, I've had the 2006, for just over a year now, and now that all the mechanics are up to snuff, it's time to start on the exterior. The paint is in "good to very good condition". No rust, minor oxidation, typical swirl marks, and 4 small chips in the paint (3 on the driver's side, 1 on the hood). I had a minor dent in the driver's side rear door, but I pulled that out, myself. I ordered a paint repair kit, from I got the ultimate aerosol kit, so it includes everything, to do the repair.

So, my question is, do I do the repairs, prior to doing the clay bar, or after? I plan on stripping off last year's wax, so should I do the whole car first, or just local to the repair areas, and then strip the wax, after the repaint?

I have meguiar's clay bar kit, and gold class wash. I also have carfidant swirl remover, Wolfgang sealant, and P21S wax. I'll be using a dual action orbital polisher with chemical guys polishing pads.
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