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2006 Forester X Automatic
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Hey all, I’ve been lurking on the forums for about a month now. I did have another post asking about the antenna amplifier, but that’s been resolved.

So after relocating to the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, I have decided to buy myself a winter car/commuter car. I found a nice 2006 forester x for roughly $3000 and I have since then fallen in love with it and have spent several hundred dollars more on just a few modifications to make this a comfy ghetto-fabulous ride.

I have bought used Subaru tweeters and did all the custom work, found a wrx subwoofer and installed it under the passenger seat, I have installed a 7” android head unit and did all custom work to make it fit. I have replaced lights with LED lights.

Long story short I went ham on EBay and I have taken a liking to this forester. It keeps me busy with various projects to do.

Let me know what you think! Oh and btw yes, I know my cuts are pretty rough looking lol. I have learned how to use a dremel during these projects. I need to find a way to hide those rough cuts.

Edit: I ran into an issue the other day where my under the engine splash guard partially melted. The forester came with after market headers, and I guess a section of it became really hot and melted a good portion of the under engine splash guard. Can I get away with melted section out? Or should I replace it? Where can I find one?


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