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As I couldn't find a post dealing with the exact issue/procedure I thought I'd create a post, just as an FYI:

I got a "new to me" the 06 LLB recently (I know - I am yet to post any "intro" pics, but they're coming - still cleaning up as it is in moderately "rough" cosmetic shape, which befits its intended use as our 3rd/extra/inclement weather/mild adventure car)

When I got the car, the REAR washer nozzle was missing. Just an empty hole where it was supposed to be.
Although not a critical function (rear WIPER worked) I was determined to trouble-shoot and fix it.
(I also heard something sliding around from the back / hatch area during sharp turns and suspected it's the leftover tubing from the rear nozzle but wasn't sure: more on that at the end of this post)

Ordered the new part on Ebay (It comes with the nozzle attached to a small amount of tubing up to the 1st elbow bend)

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I had no idea how much of the original tubing was still left - I also wasn't sure how to access it, as I wasn't sure how it was routed:
There were 2 approaches I wanted to try:
  • Take the hatch trim apart
  • Remove the 3rd brake light and try to access it from there.

I Decided to try the simpler method first and removed the 3rd brake light housing.
There are 2 screws to remove the cover panel and then 4 more philips screws to remove the actual brake light housing.

Now you will see 2 openings: the TOP one is the opening for brake light wire harness and the bottom one is an access "hole" covered by a pop off rubber cover:

The TOP opening lines up with the EXTERNAL "hole" through which the nozzle comes out. (it is hard to see in the pics)

Now you have to "fish" whatever remains of the tubing through the external opening in order to grab it from outside.
This was the hardest part - I had to hold the BL assembly with left hand (was scared to let it dangle by wiring) and fiddle with tubing with my right hand until I was able to turn the open end of the tube towards the external opening for the nozzle and push it through to the outside.
(see pics below)

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In the pic below you can see the remnants of the tubing here through both openings: I had to use both openings to grab whatever I could see and twist it around until the open end of tube was facing the external "hole" and push it through:
I guess I was lucky that all the tubing was still there, except for the nozzle itself.

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Here I have the hatch raised and you can see the end of the nozzle emerging to the outside world through the hatch.
(At this point I checked operation and water squirted out: RELIEF! )
(At this point I also attached the brake light housing partially to hold it in place while I checked operation)

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Then I pulled the tubing out until I got the 1st white elbow joint was visible and got the new part ready:

Motor vehicle Hood Window Automotive lighting Bumper

I took off the old tubing from the white elbow joint and twisted the new part on. (forgot to take a pic at that point)

Then I pushed the excess tubing back into the hole slowly and pushed the new nozzle into place while carefully twisting so the jets are facing down. The nozzle has clips that squeeze and snap into place when you push it into the opening.

All done: No more empty hole ! :)
(Works perfectly; I took a video but .mp4 is not an allowed extension so unable to attach it)

Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood Automotive exterior Door

(I haven't driven around to confirm if the loose tubing was the source of the "something sliding around" during turns ...I kind of doubt it, as the tubing was all there right next to the "hole" and doubt it would cause such a tinny sliding rattle noise. Feels like the tubing wasn't "loose" enough to slide around that much and make so much noise... it is rubber after all.. but who knows? if the sliding around noise is still there I will take apart the hatch trim and see if something is loose in there)


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