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2006 - AWD light flashing, no other lights or codes?

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Hello everyone it's been awhile since I've been on here but I recently purchased a 2006 Forester X automatic trans that needed the engine rebuilt. I have since replaced: head gaskets, timing belt, tensioner, all pulleys with the belt, water pump, new radiator & thermostat, upper and lower hose, new plugs &wires, new starter. I just had 4 brand new tires put on today and I'm still getting a flashing AWD light, no other light comes on but that. No codes at all are stored for the engine or trans. According to the manual the light only comes on when you have mismatched tires or improperly inflated tires. Having new tires on I'm at a complete loss and any and all advice is welcome before I sell it cause I have enough in it.... Thanks Ken
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Thanks for your response I have no codes at all especially ABS, I'm not quite sure but I'm thinking maybe the TCU could be bad or going bad. I can drive about a mile before the light starts flashing.
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