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2006 Subaru Forester LL Bean
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I thought this was a cool little cosmetic piece for damaged Subaru Emblems.

Tire Grille Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle

(Pic (C) Houseofgrafix Etsy seller page)

I really wasn't looking for anything like this but was looking for a gas cap tether / lanyard because mine is broken on the LLB
Then when I saw this I realized that my Subaru emblem on the front IS damaged and chipped ... Might do this.
Background color and mountain color can be customized when ordering ...
Might do this to the LL Bean emblem on the back too, as I am not too fond of it.

As for the gas cap tether I can't seem to find one without buying the whole gas cap... perhaps not a bad idea for a 2006 car to replace it anyway...
Otherwise I might just go this route:

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