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2006 2.5xt help - tyres and suspension

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Hi all I recently became the proud owner of a mint 2.5xt, these are great cars and the perfect sleeper! I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can help with.

1 the back tyres will need changing soon. Am I ok to buy the same size but higher rated tyres such as these rikens

2 I have noticed a lot of crashing noises from front suspension when driving over pretty normal road surfaces, sounds like clanging of metal, the mot has advisory that front tie rod ends have play. Would replacing these fix the crashing noise?

Apart from that all good, thanks in advance for your help
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Check the bonnets not knocking first! Look for witness marks around the bonnet edge on the front of the engine bay and wings. Re set it on the rubber mounts. This cured my front end knock. New bits will never hurt.
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