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2005 Forester 2.5XT Broken (4EAT automatic)
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I had an issue with torque binding for a few months when I first purchased my car. I replaced the clutch duty solenoid and it resolved my issues. There was quite a bit of metal grindings in the ATF when I replaced it when I did the solenoid, so I was afraid that there was so much damage that the transmission would never work again. However, I got a few decent years out of it until this past winter. When it's cold out, it takes a few second for my transmission to engage when I put it in drive, and when it does engage there is a bit of a thud. Then the first few times it shifts it seems like the clutch plates stay open for a second or two and the rpms climb and then again there is a thud as it engages the new gear. This goes away after I drive the car for a few minutes and the fluid has warmed up. I have been driving it like this for 8 months or so and I can take it easy on the accelerator for the first few minutes of my drive and it's fine afterwards.
I'm planning on just replacing my transmission most likely, but I was wondering if anybody had any input on an easier first or what this could be. It just seems strange that it only happens when the transmission is cold.
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