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First Post on here so hey everyone.

I've been looking out for a new car and the foz has been catching my eye. Will be using it as a mostly weekend driver, camping trips, light offroading, some around town driving.

Don't have a massive budget so been looking at the 2002 to 2008 models.
I've seen a 2005 2.0L XT with an auto gearbox, with 204k kms (124k miles) on the clock. The fact that's its the turbo model (not a lot of them here in NZ) and pretty attractive price has caught my eye.

I'm likely going to view it later this week and planning to check the following:

- cambelt and water pump very recently replaced
- any headgasket issues/leaks or if been replaced recently
- check underside of car for off road use/damage
-check oil, tires, lights etc.
-check for smoke from exhaust on startup or when putting the foot down
-check service history (should I be looking for 1x per year or should it be more for a turbo model)

I've never owned a Subaru, so what I'm really looking to find out is what specific things to look for/consider/avoid/ask, also what common problems/parts likely to need replaced on a turbo, auto model of this age and mileage. I'm not a mechanic so don't have the best eye for difficult to spot issues, so I'm considering getting a pre purchase check from a mechanic, if this is likely to be worth it.

Thanks for any and all input you can provide, especially from those of you who own or have owned one of these models.

Cheers team 👍
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