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2005 XT - doesn't like cold weather - Help!

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'05 FXT 4EAT 170K,, recent timing belt set & head gaskets, all new seals and mostly new hoses

1st winter owning this Fozzy and it doesn't want to run under 35 degrees F. 35 degrees F and above and it runs and drives fine. Under 35 degrees F, the engine does not want to accelerate. It will start and idle but try to apply any throttle and no response. I can feather the throttle and get some revs to build but bring it back to idle and the process starts again. Once the engine gets good and warm it will drive, but with hesitation when throttle is applied.

I don't have any current CEL codes, I will get the occasional P0141 lean code which I believe is a separate intermittent problem I am working through separately when it is warm out.

I have a Tactrix cable and have Romraider logging capabilities. Stock ROM & stock flash, STI TMIC & BOV but otherwise completely stock. I've attempted to attach an idle log I pulled a couple of days ago when it was 18 degrees F outside (not sure I can attach an Excel file?).

I need suggestions/recommendations on what to check/verify/log. I have an awesomely running '06 FXT I can swap parts with. Running out of ideas but thinking being able to see what every sensor and system is doing with Romraider logs should help in troubleshooting, just need to know what to check and what to look for. Again we didn't own this Fozzy last winter so I don't know how it ran last year?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks to all!! Dave


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@IndySubiGuy Is the oil at the correct viscosity for current temp range?
You could pull the O sensor ahead of the cat... if cat is clogged, it will run better(and be loud but just to diagnose).
I wonder if maybe there is something wrong with the TGVs? Not too many things I can think of that would only affect low temp operation. Can you log TGV parameters and see what they look like?
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