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2005 Forester 2.5X
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totally bizarre no-start problems - SOLVED (just a bad ground!)

Let me start by saying that I am completely baffled.

Background: 2005 forester 2.5X 5MT, just swapped in a motor from a 2003 forester, swapped over my '05 intake, cam and crank timing sprockets, etc, all went well, drive it for a week, ran great.

Then, i started having the fuel leak under the intake problem, so last night I took the intake back off and replaced all the rubber lines with new ones, and then buttoned it all back up. Started it up, took a while of cranking because the fuel lines have to re-fill, but ran just fine.

However, I noticed a couple odd things: Gas light came on (I have a half tank), gas gauge read empty, and there was a strange electrical "crackling" sound like relays with a bad connection. Ok fine, whatever. So I drove down the road 100 feet, and then it died.

After that, no matter what, I cannot get the car to run. Towed it back into my garage.

Here are the current symptoms:

- electrical "crackling" sound from inside the cabin while turning the key to "run" position
- zero response whatsoever from "start" position (most of the time). No solenoid, no crank, no nothing.
- Then intermittently, sometimes the starter would crank as usual, but the car would cough and sputter and sometimes even start for a half a second, then dead, then back to no response.

Things I tried:

- I disconnected, cleaned, and reconnected all electrical connections that I touched while doing the intake.
- Cleaned battery terminals
- wiggled the trigger wire on the starter
- sprayed starter fluid in the intake
- jump starting it (nothing)
- put on the battery charger

Things I am about to do:

- Sell it into slavery
- Burn it to the ground
- Cry

Anyone have any ideas? I am absolutely baffled, i've never seen no-start symptoms like this, and I have worked on many many cars (although this is my first Subaru)

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2005 Forester 2.5X
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I was browsing through the forum and realized I never updated this thread.

The problem was SOLVED.

Turned out to be nothing but the grounding points on the front of the intake manifold weren't tightened down. That was all. They were only finger tight, as I forgot to tighten them with a wrench. Once done, zero problems. The forester has been great ever since.
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