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Hey all first time poster here.
excuse the nativity of me, this is my first car. recently bought an 05 FXT with 176000kms.

driving home last night noticed a huge lose of power, whilst boost gauge to still be showing boost (but not getting any)
it became a bit sluggish, could feel it trying to engage but not getting any power response.

the sound seemed to be a bit more hollow but no screeching or any more than that.
no other symptoms I could tell, didnt seem to have any smoke from exhaust from what I could see.
not sure if its necessarily a turbo failure or a pipe issue ?

Its going into the shop for a roadworthy this week, would be great to be able to have an idea on what the issue is before taking it in.
its been an uphill battle with various issues getting this car on the road legally.

Any advice would be great

Cheers :)
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