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2005 - P0442 code, hard start when cleared?

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So I have a P0442 small evap leak code on my 05, i went trough the forum for places to start (filler neck, purge valve, etc) but i have this weird issue that happens when the code is cleared( i wanted my cruse back). It will start hard for the first time after clearing the code, and will pop back up after about 25 miles. has anyone experienced this? could this point to a possible source?
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I think the hard start issue after clearing the code is normal on a Subaru. As for the P0442 evap leak you may need a smoke machine to find the leak. Look on YouTube for creative ways to find the root of your P0442 problem.
@greengoblin68 I ordered one from Amazon, hopefully it will help, only 2 places around me do smoke tests, and one is backed up and the other wants my first born.
@Remiel33 Let us know what you find once you run the smoke machine.
Does anyone know where the evap service port is on this? Google isn't much help.
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