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I brought my 2005 FXT to the Subaru specialty shop to replace the rusty oil pan. I could have done it at home but they had done many without removing the intake manifold.
They did a great job, left the silicone sit for 24 hours, BUT when I got the car back I drove about 10 miles and the Temp gauge climbed near the top...yikes!! pulled over, cranked up the heater, and behold, the temp went right back to normal. Likely an air pocket and opening the heater 'burped' the system. Checked the coolant level, oil, etc all good. Back in the car to drive home..rough idle, Check Engine light....argggggghhh!!! Ran fine with the revs up but rough around 1000 RPM..bouncing up and down. I checked when I got home and got a P0171 code (lean bank 1). Any toughts? Could they have hit a sensor when changing the oil pan, leak in the intake manifold in front of the pan, MAF sensor, vacuum leak??? Any suggestions on how I could systematic check?
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