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since i'm now running an originally 5MT ECU (even though both sets of AT and MT maps are on all the ECUs) still with the 4EAT bulkhead harness, the 5MT ECU requires pin 34 of plug 134 (first plug on the left) to be grounded. pin 19 of plug 136 for the non-turbo 5MT ECU. i don't really understand how for the earlier subarus they refer to it as an identifier switch. i don't see that anywhere on the FSMs. it just seems like the MT ECUs just has an extra slot where ground needs to be (without any description) because the ATs and MTs are just wired a little differently. and it seems the older subarus were able to get away with being less fussy because they have more leeway than the newer, pickier subarus. i'm sure it's mostly an emissions thing.

no crazy fans and raised idle speeds as though i'm driving when i'm really idling. no switching back and forth between the ECU thinking i'm parking and driving while clutching and shifting gears. and no annoying CEL + blinking 'curse' light because the 4EAT is still looking for the TCM. no loopy engine RPMs when coming to a stop because the ECU thinks it's in Drive yet the shifter contradicts by saying it's in Neutral and then just dies (a few times) because the RPM dipped too low. this shiz was scary when i couldn't stop the car (no booster assist) from rolling forward, dodging a car in front of me.

(i really have ~40K mi less. i swapped to a 5MT gauge cluster.)

i got to test CC on a long stretch. worked both downhill and back uphill.
This pin 34 on Plug B134.. I have grounded this plug out both to Pin 2 on Plug B137 as its listed in the FSM diagram and have directly grounded it to a chasis ground and I cant get my car to accept that its now a 6MT instead of the 4EAT.. I have a VF39 and catless TBE, so the factory 4EAT tune is not an option for me, and the car was pissed on the limp home from the shop, I just wired the car so that the NSS was closed so I could start the car and limp it home and I am going to wire in the NSS/Clutch switch at home... As it sits, my AP sees my Vehicle profile as a 2004 AT Forester XT and I need it to see it as a MT to allow the proper tune to flash.
1 - 1 of 107 Posts