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2005 - HID levelling system operation?

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Trying to understand how the SG9 facelift HID leveling system works with a view to swapping it into my X.

I've seen posts referring to leveling components on the suspension, small leveling motors for the lights and also a dash switch with 5 manual settings on it.

Wondering then is the system manual or automatic and is it adjusted with motors on the headlights, or is it more involved with sensors elsewhere and suspension components etc?

I've got no idea, so what are we dealing with exactly?

Cheers. M
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I honestly don't know much about it myself when it comes to your year forester.
But...if it was anything like my old '13 Subaru BRZ, that had leveling headlights It was all built in to the headlight unit. It did have 5 level you can select, but it wasn't automatic. You had to dial it up or down, depending if you have dead body in the trunk or not..

I'm sure someone else can chime in on that.
with sensors elsewhere and suspension components
I believe I read "somewhere" there is a lever / switch of some sort in the rear but can't find it in my MY'03 workshop manual; maybe it is just a manual setting in the SG


if you have dead body in the trunk or not..

I'm sure someone else can chime in on that.
Well - did you ;)
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Yup, other than the dead body in the back, I want the rest of my journey to be on the level🙄

I don't know anything really about this setup either but Kevin's 03 seems to have two sensors, while the 06 I think has front and rear (?) suspension sensors like this front one (XT model)


and this switch with 5 settings

I'm guessing the switch manually adjusts the headlights (they must have motors somewhere?), but the suspension sensors only seem relevant in an auto adjusting system which is confusing.

I'm guessing that the setup is the same for the facelift STI and the XT, so any of those owners, please feel free to jump in?
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