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2005 Forester Automatic
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Hello all. My 2005 Forester, automatic trans, shudders when first getting underway. Details:
  • First there's a sort of squeaking chattering noise, then a pronounced 5 or 6 vibrations that feel and sound like running over a rumble strip.
  • This happens between 5 - 10 mph then stops once I hit 10 mph and above.
  • It also happens when I slow down and reach 10 mph, but stops when I'm below 5 mph.
  • It does NOT happen if I'm facing downhill and just let the car coast up to 10 mph before hitting the gas.
  • Turning or going straight makes no difference.
  • Car has about 180,000 miles on it, I'm the original owner.
It just started a few days ago. I plan to bring it into the shop, but if anyone has any idea what the problem could be I'd appreciate it so I can at least be prepared for what this might cost me.
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