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First time poster here.
My daughter has a 2005 that had the CEL and flashing cruise control light that come on suddenly. I went with changing the ignition coil, new plugs and wires. Seemed to make a difference. Reset the codes and all good. After 2 days issue with CEL and flashing cruise returned.

Took it to the Sub dealer to see what they say(big mistake). The Code P0420 says it is a issue with the converter. Dealer came up with a staggering $6800 estimate to make it right. (I was fully expecting a salesperson to show up at the service desk at the same time I got the bad news to start his sales pitch.) Work order recommended replace Cat, A/F sensor, O2 Sensor, F/A induction service, cylinder head gasket and timing belt (did that 1.5 years ago) The dealer costs for the repairs were ridiculous. Cat replacement was $2500 bucks. Crazy. Drove the car back home for another opinion.

Appreciate anyone's input on this. The car runs fine as is but at a stop light the RPMs drop to just above stalling. I've got A/F ratio sensor and 02 sensor on order and I'll put those in myself. Thanks for any input.

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@buckaroo2005 welcome to the forum from Oregon!

You now have your own thread.

<snipped> cylinder head gasket <snipped>
That's an expensive repair! I would suggest getting another shop to give you another repair estimate. Of course you would not tell the second shop what the previous shop recommended. You want a "fresh" repair estimate.

<snipped> The car runs fine as is but at a stop light the RPMs drop to just above stalling. <snipped>
As to the above, take a look at this thread:
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