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2004 TA-SG5
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I have a subaru forester 2004 SG5 (non turbo) that was involved in a collusion. The vehicle has since been repaired and is moving quite well but the air bag light is constantly on.
I have searched on this forum and lots of people seem to suggest i should first check the plug under the passenger or driver chair but don't seem to be finding this plug.

Question 1. "IF ITS'S NOT THE PLUG", how can i authoritatively confirm that the air bags were actually deployed during the crash? because the occupants of the car do not remember if the air bags were Deployed or not.

Question 2. "IF IT TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE", that the air bags were deployed, can the same air bags still be used or they must changed?. What else would need to be changed, seat belts?, ...?

The dashboard looks intact, that is there is no physical component damage on the dash.
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