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2005 Subaru Forester XT Automatic
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Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to look at this and thanks for any answers given.

I recently bought my 2004 XT and luckily it came with wheels already but I will need to see the specs of those before i do anything with them!
I found myself looking through these forums for the past week looking at the possibilities with modding these cars.
I saw one brave owner has molded a wrx front bumper with his XT bumper and man does it look good, But are there any kits or lips besides the sti/replica lip that are usable? I have been pondering using a all-fit lip since they're marketed to fit everything just to give my car a sharper look since i dislike the jdm lip.
I plan on adding s13 fender flares as another XT owner did on here because it just looked amazing.
in regards to that what setup would I need to use fender flares like she did? The XT with s13 fender flares!
I plan on making the car a sportier looking daily driver and down the line i'll be adding more power but for now cosmetics are what I want to do. (rice rice baby)
;) Thanks again guys for any answers!
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