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Hello SubiNation,
Noob, but trying to learn, please help me <3
I just bought a 05 2.5XT off of my friend and I wanna throw away my life and spend all my money on her lol. Its got stock wheels (from what I know) and its on STI springs so Its dropped about 2-3 inches. I'll include a picture. So my question is, if I wanted to leave my ride height alone, what size rim and wheels would give a flush look. I want a wider rim to give it that beefy stance. I want to go bigger on the rim as well to fill up the space as much as possible. So all in all, I just need the biggest rims I can put without my tire thread exceeding the fender. And with no rub if possible (I know I might not be able to have both)

Yes I am a noob. I know very little about cars and specs and all that other fun stuff (I am not fluent in car language) . I do work on cars (glass technician) so I have a basic understanding of how a car works. I understand that the information that I provided may not be enough (so just ask me and/or tell me where to find this information) . AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST I also understand that theres no such thing as perfect, I know that this will all be suggestions and I shouldn't bank on the advice I get 100% to get me what Im picturing in my head. Im just looking for experienced people to share some knowledge with me :)

With that being said, I would love to talk to someone or a group about my goals for this car. I am very open minded and respectful to everyones input just as long as you give some respect back <3

The reason I don't asks my friends anymore is because the more I learn about my car, the more I find out that my friends are backyard mechanics worried about "how to make it work" vs "how to do it right" which is what I am MOST concerned with. I don't mind spending the money to get it done correctly, because im gonna be buried in this car when I die 🤣🤣🤣
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