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2004 - Lost all action in my clutch pedal - bleeding clutch?

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The other day I lost all action in my clutch pedal and the car became very difficult to drive ending up going between 1st and 2nd alot, and there was some white smoke that smelt like brake fluid. Through this we where able to determine the actual clutch was the issue and the slave cylinder had gone to heaven. However after taking the airbox off we noticed some fluid around the clutch hose so we replaced that as well as the slave cylinder I tired manually bleeding for a day and a half yet no progress was made. Then tried a pneumatic bleeder and managed to get the clutch pedal to the point where it would drop to halfway and then become quite difficult to push the rest of the way, after starting the car up it lost all progress made and can no longer push the clutch fork rod in. I should note I will be trying a new master cylinder once that becomes available in my area. and there is fluid in the boot of the new slave cylinder.
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@GuusV every so often I'll get a solid bit of fluid come through but generally it's just a mixture of the both
You should have a good solid sequence of only fluid coming out for about 3 or 4 times. (so, if you get a bit of air a few times, don't stop. Keep going until you get only fluid 3 or 4 times in a row)

The process should be: (really requires 2 people)
1) apply pressure to the clutch pedal (push it to the floor).
2) open bleed screw on slave and let fluid/air escape, make sure that the pedal continues to have pressure on it, press it to the floor and keep in there
3) close bleed screw
4) "pump the pedal" (4 or 5 times). This may have to be done by hand if the pedal does not return to the up position on its own (move the pedal by holding on the the foot-pad with your hand)
After replacing the master cylinder we determined that the throw out bearing has also gone bad as it been on its way out the last couple months and the slave cylinders piston was pushing to far out as it had to much resitatance and was causing the bleeding to fail
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