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Hi all,
Had been struggling to get a replacement remote/immo key for my 2004 FSTI I recently bought.
Only option being a standard remote replacement key costing over £300 at the dealer, every auto-locksmith I tried (at least 8 of them) couldn't do anything with it.

So done some research and invested in some kit and I'm pleased to say I got it cracked last night.

It's an OEM quality VAG styled key, new immobiliser chip programmed, remote functions programmed, paired and working as you'd expect and original key remains fully functional, aside from the aesthetics and being a far better quality key the range is massively improved, I'd say at least 4 times the range of my own standard remote.

This only applies to JDM cars (not just the Forester) with the original factory security/keyless system, the UK cars (imprezas at least) all have their JDM parts removed and a Subaru branded Sigma security system fitted when they arrive in the UK and I've not had a chance to have a look at those yet but never say never!

I'm not sure what the rules are around advertising services on here are so I'll not until I've clarified but I can tell you that I can do this without needing the car, I need hands on a key only and would be able to turn around same day return delivery if you're not local to Glasgow (ish).

Anyway, I thought it would be good to let you know if can be done!

Cheers :woohoo:

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Nice one. I am impressed

Seeing what make of key you have used, I don’t suppose you can do VWs, as I have a 3.2 V6 T5 that could do with a new key or two....and my dealer wants silly money.

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@Ethan6770 note that @Muzza80 last signed onto the forum 3 months ago. You could send the member a PM - Private Message... now called a "conversation" on this new site. The member is optioned to receive an e-mail notification, so you could receive a reply to your question.


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