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2004 - Intermittent rough idle, no power accelerating - SOLVED!

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04 XS has been having an intermittent problem with a rough idle and stall, as well as no power when accelerating. It will struggle to get up a hill, and it will rev really high before a rough gear change. Occasionally it will stall, but this doesn’t always happen, as there are time it idles low quite happily. There doesn’t seem to be any trigger, the engine light isn’t on and there’s no error codes. It started around 198k, so I got my timing belt changed and major service done. It still happens intermittently, always a few minutes after starting driving. There’s a bit of burnt plastic smell about the engine, I’m not aware of any smoke or anything. I haven’t been able to see another situation that quite matches this one, so am interested to hear any thoughts.
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Ended up being resolved, at first it was thought it was the fuel pump, although after that was replaced the problem persisted. It ended up being one of the coils, once that was replaced it was hunky dory.
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