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Excellent write up, thank you. I have a 2001 Forester that was pulling the same code P1443 and had the same issue after getting fuel, car would start rough and stumble for a minute. I took everything apart back by the canister, ran the diagnostics and found all solenoids operating, used my compressor and blew air though all the lines and the vent and found no leaks or clogs anywhere. I was scratching my head wondering what it could be when I found your post here. My Purge Valve control solenoid (buried under the passenger side intake manifold)was firing when running the diagnostics and quite frankly it looked like a real PIA to take out so I first did what you mentioned about checking the air flow when in diagnostic mode, I disconnected(at the manifold not at the valve) the one line that comes out of the Purge Valve and runs over the top of the manifold to a threaded nipple, no need to undo the nipple just pull the rubber line off. I was able to blow through the line while the valve was cycling and could tell it was not closing fully. So I ran my compressor up to 40 psi only and carefully blew that into the line while in diagnostic mode. I could tell right away that it freed up the valve as the line actually vibrated when the valve cycled and air flow was restricted. Took the car for a good ride and the code is gone. I have no idea how long the valve will remain free and keep functioning but at least I now know what to part to buy and replace if it craps out again and the code comes back.
Thanks again, made my day !
1 - 1 of 11 Posts