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2004 FXT in Santa Rosa / Hemet, CA

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Just bought my first Subaru on May 29, 2010 at the Irvine Subaru dealership. Got a 04 Subaru Forester XT - Black Java Pearl w/ 98k miles after looking at 6 other ones through out Northern & Southern Cali. Just in case your looking for one, the white one in Apple Valley with 250k miles is a waste of time and he won't let you test drive.

I've been a Toyota guy for a very long time and just recently sold my 1986 Toyota AE86 Corolla GTS Hatchback that I had for 6 years. And before that I also had '88 Celica Alltrac Turbo. This will be my 14th car I think ..

I choose to buy a 04 Forester XT because of its platform, parts being interchangeable with the WRX, and the trunk space. I'll be having a new baby girl very soon and will need the room for stroller and things. So this is my replacement for my AE86 as a reliable DD and still keep me satisfied on the sporty side keeping my hands greasy. I've always been curious of the Subi motor and this is a chance for me to learn about Box Motors.

I also notice that Subaru owners respect each other and other enthusiast while I owed my AE86. I would drive by a couple of STI's and they would give me the thumbs up unlike the Evo / Civic folks. Once I get a chance I'll post up pix of my XT.

here is a link to my previous car build:
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Welcome. Subaru drivers are a very awesome bunch, 'tis true :icon_razz:

Welcome to the forum from Florida.
Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on the new Forester! Looking forward to pictures. :wink:


['07 FSXT MODding Journal] ['03 X MODding Journal]
Welcome from Sebastopol! :smile:
Welcome from northeast Kansas! Couldn't agree more about the friendliness of the Subie community. This is a REALLY good site for info and for plugging into the community. Enjoy and congrats on the new ride!
Welcome, Kumachn.
I've grown up some time ago...LOL.
I was in the Club4AG/AE86 scene for a while, but have since moved on.

Here was my build:

Enjoy your Subaru.
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Welcome to the Subaru family.Enjoy your new-to-you Fozzy.
I went to Fine Line Tuning in Santa Rosa today and checked out the 2 forester XT at their shop. Gave me some ideas on what kind of set up I want.

Anyone else in the area ?
Be sure to check out LIC Motorsports in Novato as well. Not as close as FLI, but their reputation in the Subaru community is unmatched.
Welcome! As a guy who has been involved with communities revolving around both the Mercedes w126 S-class and the Jeep Cherokee (XJ), I'm in agreement with you that the Subie crowd seems like a pretty friendly bunch.
Welcome to the forum from KY.:Banane08:
Now that I got my 15 post here are the pix after Washing & Polishing

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Looks GREAT! The whole thing looks like she just came off the assembly line.
Welcome from one noob to another.
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