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2004 Forester XT 4EAT
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I'm new to FXT, but not to subaru's and WRX's. I recently picked up a 2004 forester xt for dirt cheap because it had a blown turbo. I figured why not upgrade?

I plan on making this car a sleeper, even when you pop the hood. Stock looking=good for this build.

So far I have:
-Catless uppipe and downpipe
-td05 20g (removed banjo bolt filter)
-keeping stock intake and bov
-Grimmspeed electronic boost controller
-Stock tmic? I also have a bugeye tmic I can use if that's any better.

Can I keep stock injectors and fuel pump? I only plan on running about 18psi. I'm not doing anything crazy like 30 psi.

How will the 4eat do with this? How much power would this put out? I'm guessing around 330awhp and what would this do in the 1/4 mile with the 4.44 final drive?

2011 turbotek tuned fxt 4eat paddle shift
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You will not be able to run that turbo anyway near 330 whp on stock injectors or fuel pump.

2005 05 FXT and 05 LGT 4eat/fxt, STI 6sp/LGT
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2005 FXT with VF-39 upgrade

Same here, bought an 05 FXT with a blown way was I going to put another TD04 in there. It has a 4EAT in there.

My 18yo son and I are building it up for his far:

APS V2 TMIC with APS 50/50 bov (Had an 08 sti tmic on prior to purchasing the APS)
VF-39 (have a low mileage VF-34 off to the side should this give out)
Stock injectors/Fuel pump
Fujitsubo copy Equal Length Header (one of few that will fit with the 04/05 FXT oilpan)...I couldn't justify a $1400 Fujitsubo.
Invidia Catless Uppipe
Invidia Catted/Divorced waste gate downpipe
Perrin Short Ram
3" TurboXS Midpipie/3" TurboXS axleback (I also have a JIC Titanium that was on there...but its pretty loud, so we switch it out as the mood changes)
Cobb AP V2
Grimmspeed 3port EBC
04 STI Splitter
04/05 STI style CF Hood Scoop.
BC-BR Coilovers
Rear STI Swabar
18x8.5 with 255/35/18 tires.
Rear fenders cut.

The last tune (Jarrad/PDXTUNING) put down 257hp/271tq on our dyno here in Hawaii (Dynojet)

The car runs smooth, strong and the boost comes on very quickly. According to Jarrad, 260/270hp is taxing the 4EAT for reliability...My friend's FXT with a bigger turbo in his car hits over 300hp on the dyno with his 4EAT though...but he drives it responsibly...
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