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2003 Forester NA MT
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i got some ongoing issues with my 03 na ej25 manual foz.

got an idle of 600ish, but when pulling up to lights it will drop down to even 200 sometimes. Usually when hot. When lights and loads are on and turning the car will stall due to the low revs.
Cleaned IACV- responds to turning off engine
New air filter, spark plugs, 02 sensors due to previous code , new grounds on engine, cleaned throttle body- looks very clean inside , no DTC’s, I got a weird surge when I accelerate as well. I’m super stingy and broke so I don’t wanna throw a fuel filter and IACV , wanna see if there is any common issues or similar situations.

also,when the RPM drops it Takes a second then raises itselfback to 620ish… not sure if a slow reacting IACV is a thing but yeah

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I would be looking at cleaning the intake and throttle position sensor. It's amazing how much better performance is when you remove the throttle body and clean it very thoroughly on the bench.
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