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2003 Forester XS 4EAT
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Just put 2000 miles on my rebuilt engine (HG failure causing oil loss and one head got starved of oil, seized up so the other head yanked the timing belt). After a long trip from MO to GA and back I and my mechanic did an evaluation to see what needs to be adjusted after the rebuild. We all noticed a small amount of coolant on top of the rad so the mechanic thought the top tank started to leak (no surprise, my car is nearly 263,000). So I went ahead and ordered a radiator in the mail and he told me it was fine to drive around in the meantime. This morning I started the car and watched out of curiosity and saw coolant leaking from the upper hose. Was about to text the mechanic about that but I went for an errand. When I was on the highway steam came out under the hood and I pulled over just before the car shut itself off. I thought the hose gave up but no, we were both wrong.
The neck of the radiator broke off so clean inside the rubber hose as if someone saw it right off.

My mechanic has 16 years experience and he admitted never seem such a thing.

Fortunately I have roadside assistance so just another tow call, no big deal. The new radiator is coming next week along with new hoses. We gonna spend a day in the shop to fix whatever is bad. Hopefully I can make it to 300k.
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