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Hey all! I figure after a little over a month of ownership, I should join the forum.

My name is Tanner, and early last December my Mini Cooper got totaled :crying: . I have plans for it, rally plans, but I guess life had other plans for it! The accident was entirely the other drivers fault and the insurance part of it went smoothly, I even ended up getting more money back than I thought I would get.

Anyways, this isn't an insurance forum! I picked up a 2002 Subaru Forester in Seattle, two days after Christmas, then two days after that I drove it back down to Phoenix. In between then I did the front right bearing as it was so bad the rotor was rubbing against the dust shield with about an inch of wobble overall. Pretty much held on by purely the half shaft, which was barely held on by the lock nut.

[Insert imagination here as I do not have the post count to post pictures]

Since having it back, I have fabricated a front sheet metal from 1/8 steel and have it all welded up, I only need to do the mounts now. It is also on the ADF 1" kit for the time being.

Future plans are quite extreme but I've got plenty of time to do what I want.

-For suspension I am constantly switching between ordering some2.0 Performance Series Reservoir and just doing the standard body lift to give it the clearance that I want. I could order the HotBits coilovers from ADF but I kind of want to do my own setup, experiment a little.

-The other option I might do is a double wishbone. There is honestly absolutely no benefit that I see, other than I can run longer axles and have a wider track width, but again, for the effort, I'm not really in love with that idea.

In other plans, seats/door panels will be reupholstered with flannel. I was doing a Southwest blanket style, but the weave was not tight enough and it did not adhere well enough to the backing material I was using

-New Roof Rack W/ Lights,

-Converting the SF grill to a more aggressive look.

Anyways, within the next two weeks, new head gaskets will be put in, along with new timing/water pump. Just preventative maintenance at 105k engine miles.

Other than that, I am just an average 22 year old finishing up an engineering degree here at Arizona State University Polytechnic with too much freetime!


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@TanStin welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:
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