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2006 Forester X 5 MT
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Hey Everybody,

2002 Forester, Manual, 150k, no mods

Code P0507 and a 1000+ RPM idle after a clutch job and a loose battery connection at the alternator. I found the loose connection at the alternator after I smelled hot rubber from the spark party and the battery and brake light intermittently coming on. I did run the battery totally dead once. I cleaned the connection up at the alternator and that issue is gone. After the alternator connection issue P0507 showed up, which made me notice the high idle.

Here is what I have done so far:
1. Checked for vacuum leaks via the brake clean and smoke machine method.
2. Cleaned IACV
3. Replaced IACV
4. Adjusted TPS to 0.5V
5. Verified function of neutral safety switch on transmission
6. Verified the alternator is putting out ~14V
7. Verified there is no tension on the throttle cable at the throttle body
8. Removed and cleaned the throttle body (vacuum test after assembled)
9. Plugged brake booster and PCV lines to verify they are not allowing an internal leak
10. Cleared code/ECU between each iteration and preformed the "idle relearn process"
- During the idle relearn process, I can watch the car RPMS start around 1200 and watch the IACV drop the idle ~12RPM at a time until it gets down to the mid 800 RPM range, then it works is way back up and settles at ~1050 RPM. I shut the car off, give it a while to think about life, then start it up, it idles at 1050 RPM and throws the P0507 code shortly after.

There are no other codes.

Does anyone have any other rabbit hole suggestions for me to go down?

The only thought I have is the loose connection at the alternator reeked havoc somewhere in the electrical system.

Any and all input would be appreciated. Heck if you get me down the correct rabbit hole to fix this, I am happy to Venmo you beer 馃嵒money!
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