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2002 Forester L 5MT
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I am looking at getting some Yokohoma Geolander GO15s for my 2002 Forester L, and I am debating between the following sizes: 215/70/R15 and 215/65/R16 which I see should have roughly equivalent diameters. My car currently has 15" stock wheels, but with the larger diameter tires I figure I might swap to alloy wheels (likely Sparco Terras) to reduce some rotating weight.

I know that for more rigorous off-road, a smaller rim and taller sidewall is generally recommended and therefore the 215/70/R15 might be preferable. Plus, 15" tires are a little cheaper. However, I'll mostly be doing fairly light fireroads and I also spend a good amount of time on the street. Therefore, I was thinking that the 215/65/R16 combo might offer slightly better on-road handling while still working well off-road.

Anyone have any general advice for how these setups might work for me? Thanks in advance!
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