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2002 Forester SF5, naturally aspirated, dual range transmission
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I bought my first forester and I would like to install a kill switch between the computer and fuel pump relay, as a cheap anti-theft system. But i'm not sure where I can find the relay, what it looks like and which wire I should cut to connect the switch.

It would be much appreciated if someone could show me pictures of what to look for or provide a clear instruction on how to find it!

It is a 2002 SF model with a left hand drive (Netherlands)

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Relay itself is located just left of your left foot for the driver. There are several relays located at the foot well.

if you reach down there you should be able to see/feel all the relays there. Just turn the key on and off and you'll be able to hear and feel which relay is for the fuel pump.

Diagram/picture of the relays located at the left foot well.

Note that there are 2 "round" Subaru Relays. One is for the HVAC Fan motor and the other is your fuel pump relay.


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@hank if I were going to do this, I'd cut & insert a switch as shown on the '03-'04 wiring diagram below. You could place the switch on the +12V side, but I'd place it on the ground side.

Note when I say "ground", I'm referring to the ground provided by the ECM & not a direct connection to ground.

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