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Hey everyone! First time in a forum and looking for some advice.
I’m have my much loved Forester which has already undergone 1 engine change and Now it’s over heating and loosing coolant. Everyone tells me to get rid of it :-( the car ran great again after the engine change for another 5 years.

I want to make it an outdoor car for camping and road trips.

I’m down to get it another engine but I was wondering:

1: Can I give my trim and engine upgrade? Something with a bit more kickor that performs better?

2: what models would be compatible with it and with little to none custom work?

3: Go the local way or is there a trusted website for getting working engines and not some lemon.

4: Last but not least. A whole engine rebuild?

I appreciate you all and any advice.

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@FozL welcome to the forum from Oregon!

You can ask your technical questions here:
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