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2001 - Where can I buy UEL Headers?

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I’ve been trying so hard to find UEL Headers for my 01 Forster L, but all the links and discussions I find have dead links. Please help!
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G'day & Welcome @Jack F - where are you located?
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Hey! Minnesota. Haven’t really looked at anything local yet.

These fit. I had one on a 2003 Forester, non turbo, with performance exhaust. It had crazy aggressive sound. Not like a rice burner.

This set up I had, came on a wrecked car I purchased. I ran it on a 2003 Impreza for a few years, until it got in a wrecked, then I swapped it to a 2003 Forester.
Thank you very much! I’m rather new to the Forster community. So I assume headers are pretty universal between the early gens?
These are both unequal length headers right?
Could someone help me? Im from puerto rico and I've been looking for a unequal header for my 2002 forester but i can't find anything anywhere

There is still headers on ebay

@soobyhobby It says it doesn't ship to US protectorades but I got family living in the US so, many thanks for finding it
Could somebody give me another ebay link? When i was gonna buy it, it said out of stock
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