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2001 N/A Forester S Automatic
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Hello everyone, I have a 2001 Forester S with the EJ 251. So right now my car is pretty much mechanically sound, apart from some other upgrades I will do later (such as new springs, struts, new headers), Im taking a break from the exspensive upgrades and I wanted to do some engine dress up. Many of the various hoses within my engine bay are due for replacements and Id like to replace these. Specifically, the vacuum hoses with blue silicones.

Now, I've only been a "car guy" for about a year, and im still learning, but I dont have much clue about what vacuum hoses are and how I know which ones are which. I did read that they typically run out from the intake manifold. Are these all good to replace with silicone or only certain ones? I was was reading that Silicone isnt good for Fuel and Oil lines, but there are so many hoses Im not sure which ones I should replace with silicone and which ones I shouldnt. Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance.

P.S pictures and diagrams would help greatly!
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