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2001 - Transmission Removal - any help is greatly appreciated!

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Alas the time has come for me to replace the transmission in my beloved make this as simple as it can be to remove the tranny id like to know what you guys have found for the removal without the use of a lift or hydraulic jack. Can the tranny be taken out along with the motor attached for easier removal. if so can i use the same method to put the new one in its place? any help is greatly appreciated. shoutout to my fellow fozzy family
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You can take it out from below.
Pull prop shaft, pull both front axles, undo all bellhousing bolts and dogbone, unhook shifter things.
If you have no jack I have no idea how you're going to "catch" the heavy a$$ transmission as it falls on you. But after all that the only thing holding it in is the trans crossmember.
With that you will need a strap to hold the engine from tilting forward into the radiator (since the trans dogbone isnt doing that anymore)

I have never seen someone pull the trans out with the engine on these before. That just seems like way more work. Even when I pulled both I cherry picked the engine out and did the trans from under.
All of this on my back on the garage floor too.
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I'm currently working on removing my transmission as well. Although thing has been thouroghly gone through and disconnected or removed. There are no signs of separation. I've been pulling and wiggling the trans for over 2 hours can't get even the slightest gap between the engine and transmission to pry apart. And help or ideas would be helpful
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