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2001 - Manual Swap from 4EAT - ECU question?

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Hi Folks,

I currently have a 2001 JDM St/b STI II and also have a donor 1999 St/b. I'm planning on swapping the manual drive train over this summer. I've read up a lot on various threads here and have a good idea of what's involved but i was wondering if anyone knows whether i need to swap in the ECU from the donor also or whether i can use the STI ECU ?

I know that i need to make adjustments to the wiring but i'm planning on keeping the TCU so i maintain the ABS and i don't want to do a full loom swap. I do plan on getting an aftermarket ECU and having it fully mapped but i'd ideally like to be able to drive it for a few weeks while i'm waiting for that and also be able to drive it to the place that i'll be getting it mapped.

Many thanks
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@Daraob1 Has anyone been able to give you feedback? i am lookking to do the same in the future, my 4aet eats gas 😃

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