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2001 Forester, Electric Whirring Noise from Front of Engine??

I've noticed the noise over the last couple of weeks. It sounds like a noisy electric fuel pump, but the sound is coming from the front engine area. It's not the alternator, and not the power steering pump.

The weird thing is that the sound seemed to be coming from the oil filter. Listening around with a mechanic stethoscope, it was definitely louder at the filter than the housing or around the oil pan. And the noise is definitely louder listening under the bumper than from above the engine.

I tried changing the filer, and the noise went away at the time. I replaced a Purolator regular with a Purolator Pure One. Unfortunately, the sound came back. Because it's my wife's car and she doesn't tend to pay attention to those abnormal little noises, I'm not sure when the noise came back. Before I try a different brand of oil filter, does anyone have any ideas what this noise could be, or what to check?
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